Wednesday, February 24, 2016

English Channel Has Been Conquered.

At last.

English Channel has been conquered by a small quadcopter drone. Ever since William the Bastard crossed the narrow band of sea in 1066 and earned the title William the Conqueror, the channel has stood as an impenetrable barrier to invaders. It is a barrier by nature.

In 1909, Louis BlĂ©riot became the first person to fly across the English Channel, but records have been claimed as recently as last year, when the first two entirely electric airplanes crossed the channel, each claiming to be the first plane like that to do so (it’s still disputed which one was first).

Richard Gill of Team Ocuair has been planning for years to fly his unmanned electric quadcopter while sat from inside a little boat following the trail. The flight took place on February 16th, with the custom-built quadcopter flying almost 22 miles in 72 minutes. The pilot at all times was within 1600 feet of the drone, to comply with local laws, but “with GPS guidance and automated flight it is perfectly feasible that the drone could have made this flight independently,”

The Future Of Payment System

Dear All,

Most payment system nowadays lacks of human touch. What people need is normally an easy to use payment system which simplified all the complex way to do payment. To many steps needed to process any payment either paying other people or accepting monies from others.

The service charge collected by the payment system were high enough and not attractive.

In term of security, one need to have a look deep into all the encryption and the method to authenticate users. Most payment system rely on a single encryption while eliminate the usage of time based access key.

To adapt a future need for payment system, things need to be done on revamping the system to support human touch. Authentication via normal people. Security wise. Easy to use and manage while maintaining lower cost to operate it.

Secure authenticate mobile banking is a way to the future. Utilizing a security on mobile phones (i.e iPhone 6s) with proper encryption.
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